3 Examples of Small Remodeling Changes that Make a Big Difference in the Value of Your Home

One of the best ways to give a home more value is to remodel the rooms that have become drab or dilapidated. But these days, most people do not have thousands of dollars in the bank that they can dedicate to these types of changes.
Luckily, you don’t have to make expensive changes to see a sizable difference. There are small changes that are more affordable that you can make during the remodeling process to enhance the property and improve its value.

Small Changes to Make When You Remodel
• Rethink Your Kitchen Cabinet Knobs
There are many wonderful cabinet designs that can transform your kitchen and add thousands of dollars to the value of your property. But even a small change can add value and change the way your kitchen looks. Painting your cabinets can also create an amazing change, but also look to add new and exciting knobs to the kitchen cabinets and you’ll often find that the space looks very different.

• Add a Shower Niche
Bathroom niches, also known as “shower niches,” are recessed shelves that are installed in the wall of the shower.
“One of the reasons we focused on the shower niche is that it is such a simple change that makes such a tremendous difference,” said Michael Coburn, manager of Ledge Products. “Recessed shower shelves add depth to the bathroom, provide a great place to store your shampoos and soaps, and add significantly more perceived value to the property when compared to other low cost additions.”

• Crown Molding
Crown molding costs less than $1000 if you pay someone to complete it, and can be even less expensive if you want to do it yourself. Crown molding makes your walls look higher and provides a nice finishing touch to make the house look more grand. Crown molding is also extremely popular these days, and homes with crown molding tend to sell faster than homes without.

Small Changes for Big Differences
Shower niches, crown molding, and kitchen cabinet knobs are all lower cost additions to the home, but add a lot of value and are beloved by homeowners. The changes you make to your home do not have to be extensive. A little bit of work can have an outstanding impact.

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