Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Small Kitchens

Kitchen remodeling in NYC

Remodeling a small kitchen might seem easy peasy, but when it comes to working on it, it is actually challenging. It is not something that everyone can handle. Since small kitchens have less space to accommodate more things, careful planning and expertise are needed to make them compact yet feel spacious and look wonderful. 

Today, we will be sharing a few tips on remodeling a small kitchen. Let’s dive in: 

Key Takeaways 

  • Choose a narrow side for wall cabinets, incorporating open shelves to save space and create a feeling of openness. 
  • Install a kitchen island instead of a dining table to maximize functionality and visual spaciousness. 
  • Choose rounded countertops to add a touch of elegance while enhancing safety and circulation. 
  • Choose light colors and reflective surfaces when kitchen remodeling to create a bright, airy atmosphere. 
  • Maximize natural light by installing sheer window coverings, skylights, and strategically placed mirrors to amplify sunlight. 

Limit Wall Cabinetry to One Narrow Side of the Kitchen 

Avoid using all-hung cabinets on both sides of the kitchen. Instead, you can install open shelves or hang cabinets on one side of the kitchen to make it functional while saving a lot of space. Use good-quality wood that matches your kitchen theme. On the undershelf cabinets, install mesh drawers to store cutlery and other small items. Install glass fronts on the wall-hung cabinets. They reflect light, creating a feel of open space. 

Swap a Dining Table with a Kitchen Island. 

You can install a kitchen island in a small open kitchen instead of placing a dining table. Install it in the outer corner of the kitchen. You can do this by utilizing kitchen shelves and removing cabinets underneath to create the desired effect. It only looks great if it is not shoe-horned in the kitchen. Carefully plan the kitchen island seating and top to achieve your desired look. If the kitchen is small, choose backless chairs to make it visually spacious. 

Install Curved Countertops 

Rounded countertops create a classy design layout and avoid the danger of accidentally bumping into the edges. Moreover, they offer clearance and circulation throughout the kitchen, which looks great in small open kitchens. You can extend the curved countertop outside the kitchen to make it visually appealing and spacious. Moreover, install floating shelves above countertops to display decorative items or store frequently used crockery. 

Choose Light Colors and Reflective Surfaces 

Light colors have a magical ability to make small spaces feel open and airy. Choose light colors, including cream, white, or pastels, for your overall kitchen color theme. Besides that, incorporate glossy tiles, mirrored backsplashes, and glass-framed cabinet doors to create a welcoming ambiance. 

Maximize Natural Light in Your Kitchen 

Natural light, especially in small kitchens, creates an inviting ambiance. Try installing sheer window coverings in your kitchen to maximize sunlight. If possible, you can also install a skylight to flood even more light. Strategically place a mirror opposite the window to amplify the effect of sunlight. It creates a perfect illusion of spaciousness. 

Ready to Remodel Your Small Kitchen? Contact DNA Kitchen & Bath 

Small kitchen remodeling is never easy. It needs strategic design choices to make it functional and spacious. If you are planning a kitchen remodel, contact DNA Kitchen & Bath. Our expert designers will help you design and construct an elegant small kitchen, creating a sense of openness with a welcoming ambiance. We keep the design streamlined and cohesive and transform your kitchen into an appealing culinary retreat. 

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