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Do you wish to furnish a house as a builder? Want to renovate your own house? We meet demands of all kinds of customers. We offers high quality interior renovation services in Brooklyn in New York City and in different other places.
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DNA Kitchen & Bath

Home Interior Remodel - Make It Better with DNA Kitchens & Bath

When we talk about interior designs, there are times when you’re not quite sure what type of color palettes to select from or what type of tiles should go with your flooring or whether a contemporary style home would work best for your interior decor or a vintage look & feel. Such concerns can often lead you to a roadblock & you may find asking yourself what type of vibe, tone or personality will work best for your house? DNA Kitchens & Bath has the answer. At DNA Kitchens & Bath, we have spent years serving clients in the NYC region and surrounding areas. With our experience and expertise in home interior design, we can walk into any home & create a bespoke plan that would work well with homeowners & resonate with their style. Is your need for getting a custom-tailored home to match your interior design taste still unfulfilled? Call our professionals from DNA Kitchen & Bath spot on.

What We Can Do For You At DNA Kitchens & Bath?

A wide range of home remodeling services in NYC only at DNA Kitchens & Bath.

Room Additions

Every other New Yorker makes a purchase keeping in mind the intention of adding a room sooner or later. Are you of the same mindset? Then DNA Kitchens & Bath is the place for you. Our home renovation experts can add a room with all the unique specifications and requirements. Whether you want to add a bedroom, a study room or an office room, we can add just one for you. We can also create smaller rooms to store your washer, dryer or any other room of choice in your existing apartment.

Apartment Combinations

Combining apartments in NYC is a common interior remodeling practice followed by most general contractors. Do you want to combine apartment units? We are quite well-versed in the art of combining apartments & have the desired expertise for it. From appropriate layout designs to make your property in accordance with building codes, our teams can oversee and develop the required modifications so that your newly combined apartment is livable and comfortable.

Bathroom Additions

Want a new bathroom in your home but don’t have enough space for it? Worry not, our general contractors in NYC will create additional bathroom space for you without having to sacrifice any of your living space. Our teams can perform multiple tasks. They can remove bathroom fixtures, install showers and tubs, lay new tile floorings, install drywall and paint them, install cabinets & vanities, update lighting fixtures & can even hook up the plumbing.

Kitchen Additions

Looking to add a lively kitchen space or planning to do a complete remodel of your kitchen? At DNA Kitchen & Bath, we can redefine your kitchen project and give it the perfect appearance. We can make your kitchen a completely functional existing space. We can remove and replace cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring, light fixtures, backsplashes, faucets & plumbing and anything else that needs to be done.

DNA Kitchen & Bath

Why Choose Us for Your Next Home Remodeling Project?

Make the most out of our complete home remodeling service in New York where we guarantee you a home remodel which meets your budget & is custom-tailored to perfection.

Expert Teams

We have built thousands of homes with a highly efficient team of remodeling experts, designers, project managers and construction workers. We can help you percept & deliver a complete home based on the project concept to its overall completion.

Midtown Showroom

Want to make a short visit to our showroom to explore more possibilities for your home? We’d love to have you over! Take a look around at our vanities and installations. Choose your desired styles & materials from our range of brands to suit your taste.

In-House Design

Our teams can help you with a perfect in-house design that will make your home look livelier than ever. All you need to do is provide us with some basic information like the size of your rooms and we create a software- rendered image for your home in NYC.

End-to-End Management

From the very first step of your home remodeling project to the last, we manage everything for you. We take care of the permits, utility hookups, designs, material selections & post-remodeling maintenance.

If you are looking for home remodeling in NYC, look no further than DNA Kitchen & Bath. Enjoy a beautiful new home with our professional home remodelers.

DNA Kitchen & Bath

Let’s Build Your Dream Home Together

A fully licensed & insured home remodeling company in NYC with remodeling service to cover all types of properties like townhouse, brownstone, condo, co-op or any other house.
DNA Kitchen & Bath

Choose DNA Kitchens & Bath for Your Home Remodeling in NYC

Our team of experts specialize in complete home remodeling where our experts take care of co-ops, condos, townhouses & brownstone homes. May it be apartment remodeling or complete home redesign, our team takes care of everything. From managing complex projects to remodeling entire home units from scratch, our home remodeling experts have successfully executed a wide variety of home makeovers. What’s more, our team is extremely patient & will work with you every step along the way. Meet our project managers, consultants, contractors and field crew. We care about your home remodeling project in NYC.
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