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Do you wish to furnish a house as a builder? Want to renovate your own house? We meet demands of all kinds of customers. We offers high quality interior renovation services in Brooklyn in New York City and in different other places.
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DNA Kitchen & Bath

Our Order Process

1. Consultation

After a brief telephonic call, we will immediately schedule a face to face meeting in order to get acquainted with each other and discuss on certain important things. We can discuss details of services that we will offer and also evaluate the potential design options for home renovation as well as apartment. This type of personal meeting seems to be quite effective since it helps us to work effectively with you as remodeling contractor on budget as well as design until you are absolutely satisfied with project’s scope.

2. Budgeting

At DNA Kitchen & Bath, we do not offer estimates just to get the project but here, we are in business of offering you exact estimate of the total cost of your project when it is completed by certified as well as expert professionals. We believe in producing best results for our clients. Indeed, we offer impeccable results that increase value of your house and make your life hassle free like never before.

3. Proposal as well as design

If you feel confident that you have the competence to offer you exactly what you desire, then we will develop as well as present an effective proposal. We believe in transparency and we offer exact prices right in the beginning. At this time, we will now review your detailed estimate, answer any questions you may have about the proposal and note any changes you may have to the proposed remodeling or construction project. Once a contract has been agreed upon, the preconstruction process will take place.

4. Pre-Construction

Once the necessary plans are prepared as well as complete scope of our work, cost of firm, length of your project are effectively prepared, we get ready to begin our work. We ensure that our projects are planned, scheduled as well as managed effectively. At DNA Kitchens, we will complete work on budget and too within stipulated period of time.

5. Site Preparation as well as Protection

Before the procedure of construction begins, it is vital that you should take necessary steps to cover up as well as protect specific area of your house as well as your commercial site that is close to your work place and keep it clean and dust free.

6. Work with utmost efficiency

Once our work is in full swing, we can say that a new phase has just begun. It is in the initial phase that work of demolition will take place and you will be quite thrilled to observe the changes on a regular basis. You will be able to observe the work of an expert craftsman and the kind of work that they are capable of performing. We do not believe in blatant advertisement of our services. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on advertisement, we believe in our own hard work.

7. Weekly Meetings

We conduct weekly meetings to ensure successful completion of projects. This type of weekly meeting gives you enough scope to carry on discussion on project details, unforeseen complexities and discuss about the progress of the project and so on. Once your project is underway, any kind of change to work scope should be immediately documented as well as approved accordingly. We do not charge huge amount of money for our additional work at the final state of the project. Since you try to be quite meticulous with renovation proposal, all sorts of change orders are caused due to hidden conditions, requests of builder inspector and so on.

8. Project Completion

Once final touch up is done, it is quite obvious that you will feel excited to make use of your new space. Our task does not end with successful completion of the project. We keep your site spick and span like never before. On the final day, the whole work area will be cleaned effectively. Get in touch with one of our remodeling experts in Brooklyn and make your home a better place.

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